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Thawing Adult/Child Syndrome and other Codependent Patterns

Don Carter releases his second book, Thawing Adult/Child Syndrome and other Codependent Patterns – The book became an “Hot New Release” in week one and now debuts at #38 in Amazon’s Top 100 for Codependency in week two of release.

Holts Summit, MO – April 18, 2012 – Fat, ugly, dumb, you are nothing, or you will never amount to anything! Are you an individual that grew up hearing some of those terms spoken to you and over you constantly? Have you ever wondered “Why do I do that?” or “Why do I attract the wrong person” or “Why am I like this?” Walk around in the fog no more! Don Carter announces the release of “Thawing Adult/Child Syndrome and other Codependent Patterns”.

“Thawing Adult/Child Syndrome and other Codependent Patterns” provides a systematic approach to identifying and healing subconscious programming that started as you grew up. The environment may have been one filled with family jealousy or even a family that was less than nurturing when you needed it most. “Thawing Adult-Child Syndrome” focuses on the here and now symptoms of dysfunction in our adult life and relationships which was caused by our subconscious programming.

Individuals will often recall a negative occurrence before remembering a positive one. “Thawing Adult-Child Syndrome” is an insight-oriented program helping to bring one’s “Inner Family of Self” and “Life Script” to the forefront in order to facilitate change. Individuals do not have to struggle with buried inner pain from a message that was planted in their subconscious many years ago.

Just as all of the books in Carter’s Thawing the Iceberg Series, “Thawing Adult-Child Syndrome” begins with a presentation of Carter’s Iceberg Model, essentially the first five chapters:  Chapter 1 – “What the hell is wrong with you?”; Chapter 2 –  Anatomy of an Emotional Wound; Chapter 3 – The Art of Survival; Chapter 4 – Who am I really? and Chapter 5 – Distractions and Dependencies.

Carter has taken “Thawing Adult-Child Syndrome” a step further and also provides a workbook. Readers can have an active role in beginning their own inner healing as they seek to have a healthy relationship with others. No longer shall individuals live in a microwave society, yet instead a world where it doesn’t benefit them to skip the steps and try to get a quick fix. Instead, do the research and learn how to heal yourself especially when it comes to your emotions. Don’t be driven by your emotions, instead learn how to control your emotions and feelings you can begin to heal yourself from that pain.

Carter’s first book, “Thaw – Freedom from Frozen Feelings” was the first book in this series and was released in October 2011 and remains on the Bestseller List for the third consecutive month. This could very well be your answer to dealing with your emotions and feelings. It addresses the emotional wounds of abandonment, shame and contempt by growing up in a less than nurturing environment.

Thawing Adult-Child Syndrome and other Codependent patterns and Thaw – Freedom from Frozen Feelings can be purchased from  and right now. It will be available for order at other Booksellers in 6-8 weeks.

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